Hi Friends!

My name is Patrice! Welcome to my little corner of the world! 

I'm a graphic designer by trade. I've been freelancing as Purple Rose Graphics for a few years now and while it's challenging, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I've been drawing and doodling since I was a child. When I decided to expand my business, I naturally chose to create a line of notecards.

Creating cards is something I do to show my friends and family they are loved. I've been creating artwork and designing notecards for as long as I can remember.  I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't love mail that isn't a bill!

I'm very excited to help you show your friends and family how much they are loved with one of my creatively drawn cards. Let's make the world a little nicer! Let's send love one card at a time!

Feel Free to visit my website www.purplerosegraphics.com

 Happy Shopping!